Choose To Code Module 4 Homework

Module 4 Homework Assignment 2 PART I: SHORT RESPONSE Directions : Please provide responses to the questions below. If necessary, please use examples or information from the textbook. Please use proper APA citation for any resources that you use. For concise APA formatting guidelines, please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC). Your responses should be 2-3 paragraphs in length for each question. 1. After you have entered a charge for procedure code 99393, you realize it should have been 99394. What should you do? I would delete the transaction. I can do this by clicking on any of the boxes that are associated with the transaction than hitting the delete button and clicking yes. It is important to make sure that the transaction if fact is wrong as it cannot be retrieved. To enter a transaction with the correct procedure code I would click new in the charges area. I would than enter the correct procedure code of 99394. Once the correct procedure code is in the procedure box I will hit tab and ensure that all the information is correct. If the information is correct than I can go ahead and hit the save transactions button. 2. The receptionist working at the front desk phones to tell you that Maritza Ramos has just seen the physician and would like to know—before she leaves the office—what charges were for her September 8, 2016, office visit. You are in the middle of entering charges from an encounter form for another patient. What should you do first? What is your reasoning? I would save the information that I was working on and print a walkout receipt for the patient. The patient should come first because the patient is there waiting for it. A practice should give good customer service just like any other business. The way to print out a walkout receipt would be to go to the transaction entry dialog box and select the patients name from the chart. I would click on the print receipt button and click all transactions when the open report window popped up. I can than select ok and choose where I want the report to be sent. Once I choose where it is going to be sent I can select the date which in this case would be 9/8/2016 for both fields. I would hit OK and the report would print out for

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