Saudi Aramco Bachelor Housing Assignment

Housing styles are one thing I have been ask a lot about.  Here is what I have put together.  The modular's are all in main camp the townhomes and adobe's are in the hills.  Bachelor housing sprinkled throughout.  To see the furniture supplied on arrival look at the following post.  Arrival Furniture

Town homes


This is the larger 3 bedroom townhome.  They all come with an office upstairs that could also be used as a bedroom if needed.  


These two show the smaller 3 bedroom town home.  It is almost identical to the larger just the a few differences like the dinning room is not as small.


This is the two bedroom town home.  It is for people without kids or with only one kid.  



Adobe House Pictures

Adobe Home Video




Bachelor Townhouse


Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.


A number of housing programs have been established to support expatriate employees and their families in making a home in Saudi Arabia. The housing programs and their availability vary and can be explained best by a relocation advisor after an employment offer has been made. In general, there are housing assignments in a Saudi Aramco-operated community or a rental allowance for self-selected housing within the local community.

Housing in a Saudi Aramco-operated Community

Saudi Aramco operates five private, gated communities. Unique in appearance, size, and character, each community is a welcoming place filled with Saudi Aramco employees from all over the world.


Dhahran, the largest community, is home to Saudi Aramco’s worldwide headquarters. Other corporate functions managed here include finance, IT, exploration, engineering, drilling services, medical services, and materials supply.

The community features one of the Middle East’s most challenging golf courses and has fully equipped recreational facilities. Other favorite activities include horseback riding, hiking and biking, soccer, and rugby.

Ras Tanura

Serving expatriates working in aviation and marine operations, as well as Ras Tanura refineries and two nearby company-owned and operated gas plants, Ras Tanura is a beachside community on the Arabian Gulf. In addition to horseback riding, Ras Tanura offers a unique grassless golf course with views of the Gulf. A private beach brings the fun of being by the sea, from walk paths and splash pads to a children’s park and a surf house.


Known as the "friendly city," Abqaiq also serves as Saudi Aramco's main oil processing center. In addition to a large recreation complex, the community offers horseback riding, swimming and fitness facilities, baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and an 18-hole grassless golf course with a clubhouse.


Udhailiyah serves employees supporting oil and gas operations in the region as well as medical professionals working at the company's area health facility. The community offers a wide variety of recreational facilities, from horseback riding, swimming, bowling, and sports complexes to an 18-hole grassless golf course and a supervised youth center.


Located on the Arabian Gulf coast between Al Khobar and Dammam, Ar-Rakah comprises more than 500 family homes as well as gyms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, library, squash courts, bowling alley, volleyball/basketball court, soccer field, mini market, barber shop, beauty salon, snack bar and a restaurant.

Additional Housing

Saudi Aramco also operates additional housing facilities located outside of the main communities.

These housing facilities give employees the advantages of a close-knit community of fellow employees and families. Employees and their families who reside in these communities also enjoy Dhahran’s leisure and recreation facilities. Free transportation is offered to and from Dhahran.

Self-selected Housing

Saudi Aramco provides rental assistance as part of a self-selected housing program. Expats and their families who are offered this housing program are connected with resources to find a home in the local community and a monthly rental concession is provided. There are several housing types available, from houses or apartments in gated communities, to apartments in condominium-style buildings, or houses in residential areas. Housing within the gated communities is generally preferred by expat residents. In addition to full units, these communities provide convenient access to a wide range of leisure and sports activities as well as markets and restaurants.


Saudi Aramco is seeking talented
professionals in a wide variety of fields.

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