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So we heard you’ve been looking for someone to assist you with academic writing. And you’ve found us! We are not simply a mysterious “someone” who will take your money and send you a crappy piece of writing at the end of the week – we are a team of professionals who all have our doctorate degrees and know exactly what you need.

Postgraduate school is tough, there’s no doubt about that. Sooner or later every PhD student has a thought “Why don’t I just simply pay someone to write my dissertation” and no matter the critics, they are right! Somehow it is widely accepted to pay the schooling fees, but not so much to solicit professional guidance in writing academic papers. While writing my dissertation I have realized that a good thesis requires an extra set of qualified eyes. Such as those of a well-trained writer who can make your dream of becoming a PhD title holder real.

So why should I pay someone to write my dissertation UK? Well, having a professional writer by your side can provide you with:

  • Second pair of eyes and hands to make thesis progress faster;
  • Professional advice on questions like “What should I write my dissertation on?”, “Can I use this data?” or “What sources to trust or not to trust in my subject?”.
  • More free time to focus on practical things of your work instead of putting them all in writing;

Are You Looking To “Pay Someone To Write My Dissertation UK”?
– You Found The Best Place To Do It!

There are many writing services around, but none of them have been as long in the business of academic help as PhDify.com. What’s our secret? Here’s what PhDify offers for every “write my dissertation for me” request we get:

  • Writers with diplomas and years of experience in their fields;
  • A team of proofreaders and editors polishing your text to perfection;
  • 100% confidentiality guaranteed  - no one will ever find out about our “help me write my dissertation” secret;
  • Money-back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied with the work we’ve done;
  • Possibility to see and negotiate who will be handling your “Write my dissertation” order;
  • Genuine reviews from previous clients to help you choose the best writer;
  • Requests for necessary corrections accepted if needed;
  • Quick delivery. While it takes a fresh PhD student a month to write a chapter, our experienced authors can do it in a day;
  • Free outline and ideas as per “What to write my dissertation on?” or “What sources to use?”


We Have Some Ideas What To Write My Dissertation On – Drop Us An Email Now!


When students send us a request to “Write my dissertation for me UK” in most of the cases they need to start from simple things: like drafting a thesis proposal, or coming up with a list of potential topics to discover. And we can do all that and much more!

There are various reasons why at some point scholars are stuck with a question: “how to write my dissertation”, but for all these reasons there’s just one solution – seek for help as soon as you can. Don’t waste time getting stuck in irrelevant research, pointless paragraphs and long pages of text. Because if what you are writing doesn’t make clear sense to you, then it won’t make any sense to your mentor and assessment board as well.

It’s time you put that “I need somebody to write my dissertation UK” idea in writing and made an order!

Why don't you place an order now?

A scholarly Proposal enables successful dissertation writing!

Dissertation Proposal Writing Help

Most dissertation candidates submit a pre-proposal or concept paper to their advisor prior to starting work on writing a dissertation proposal.  There are many reasons for this, the first of which are university requirements.  A university can specifiy many different dissertation proposal writing requirements, and you must find out from your university which to use.

In some cases, the Proposal is simply Chapter I. In others, the Proposal consists of the first three chapters of the dissertation. Whatever the requirement, the most common reason for struggling with the dissertation is failure to do a complete literature review first. Many dissertation candidates end up leaving their programs because they attempt to write their Proposal without first collecting and reading the source materials, and then organizing materials into a Review of Literature.

You cannot write a proposal "off the top of your head", and if you try, you will fail.

Dissertation Proposal Writing

We offer the following services to help you with writing a concept paper or proposal:

  • Identify, retrieve, and make copies of the source materials.
  • Write your Review of Literature.
  • We can help you in the writing of the Dissertation Proposal, after you decided your topic and hypotheses.
  • If you need assistance in topic selection or dealing with other dissertation management issues, we offer our Dissertation Coach and Consultant Services.

Free Dissertation Service Checklist:

  Are you thinking about hiring a dissertation proposal consultant or writing coach? This online tool can help you to find the right questions to ask when selecting a dissertation proposal writing service. This Service Checklist & Comparison chart is very important to help you complete your dissertation proposal writing task successfully. To use this tool, just click CHECKLIST.

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