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Today, community leaders, parents, staff and administration sat down together and discussed the #Wilkinsburg School District’s top assets, challenges, and goals. We believe that a brighter future for our children includes a partnership with our community, so we are grateful for the outpouring of support and meaningful feedback from our fellow community members. The conversations we had today will shape the Comprehensive Plan we submit to the Pennsylvania State Department of Education and serve as a blueprint for improving student achievement, organizational capacity, community engagement and other goals over the next three years.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us today and for the work you do for the community, the district and our children. #GoodAllOver ... See MoreSee Less


This morning, interviewed Assistant to the Superintendent Dr. Cathleen Cubelic and Early Childhood and Literacy Coordinator Ms. Summer Pendro about our free after-school dinner program for school age #Wilkinsburg children.

"The program came about as a result of our efforts to expand our reach as a school district, and we really want to create a relationship...where we're seen as a central part of the community culture," said Dr. Cubelic. "We're really looking to expand the program to include more outreach, more enrichment, more activities for students." #GoodAllOver ... See MoreSee Less

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