Real Estate Cover Letter Sample

Caesar Rontarro
11 Puppy Street
Whiskerville, NSW 2222
(02) 1010 1010
0000 000 000


April Fernandez
Real Estate Agency Manager
Golden Homes
GPO Box 000
Pinedale NSW 2000

Dear Ms Fernandez

Re: Real Estate Sales Agent position, Ref: 0226AK

Please accept this letter and attached resume as my application for the position of Real Estate Sales Agent at Golden Homes. I am currently working as a real estate agent and have a background in sales and marketing.

My enthusiasm and interest in the property market lead me to change careers and pursue my dream of working in real estate. My experience with White Picket Fence Real Estate has helped fuel this passion and has given me the essential knowledge and understanding of the property market, and particularly the residential sector.

Working with White Picket Fence Real Estate, first as a real estate sales assistant and then as a real estate agent upon completion of my Certificate IV in Property (Real Estate), I have garnered a strong track record in sales seen with my superior sales figures as well as my growing client base.

I have a strong eye for finding opportunities in the market and this coupled with my knowledge of market trends and legal requirements has lead to a strong sales history, reflected in the confidence and trust my clients have in me.

This can also be seen with my involvement in the sale of the Lockhart estate in late 2009, which garnered a record selling price for Lionheart Cove, despite being listed during the economic downturn.

Working within residential real estate has also taught me the importance of treating each client as an individual human being. While it is essential to be sales-driven, it is also critical to balance this by fostering a professional relationship built on trust and understanding.

My experience in the marketing industry has provided me with the sales acumen to succeed in the real estate industry. Working in marketing has finetuned my communication skills – skills that are critical to the marketing industry and the real estate industry.

Overall I am a hard-working and adaptable employee. I own a current NSW Driver’s Licence and would love the opportunity to join your exciting team. My resume is attached and I look forward to being able to discuss the position with you further.

Kind Regards

[sign here]

Caesar Rontarro

Some employers require cover letters; others don’t. Regardless of whether it is requested, you should always send one with your resume. A well-written cover letter gives you a great opportunity to showcase aspects of your education, abilities and accomplishments that may be passed over on your resume. Use this free real estate agent cover letter sample and tips to get started writing your own.

Free Real Estate Agent Cover Letter Sample

Create Your Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Bixley,

I am writing to apply for the real estate agent position with your company. As a skilled and experienced agent, I believe I am the best candidate for this job.

Your job posting asked for an experienced realtor. I worked as a real estate agent for several years in Arizona before moving to California, and take pride in providing a much-needed service to families, couples and investors. No matter who the clients are, they need a professional to guide them through buying and selling.

I attend continuing education classes in real estate and financing every year and am always looking to further my knowledge and expertise. After being named Realtor of the Year three times in Arizona, I hope to achieve the same in California. Having passed the state licensing requirements, I am fully able to offer my services here.

I am hoping to start work as soon as possible and would love to speak with you about my qualifications. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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What to Include in a Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

Based on our free real estate agent cover letter sample above, here are some pointers for composing your own. Keep your letter short, no more than four paragraphs. If you have too many sentences that start with “I” did this or “I” did that, rework them to start with the sentence topic instead. Match your professional skills to the specific job skills sought in the job posting, using the same language. Don’t use platitudes, maintain a professional tone, and focus on the job and how you meet the requirements. Address your letter to the hiring manager, which is much more personal than “Dear Sir.”

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Here are some important things to include in your letter, along with the information in the free real estate agent cover letter sample above.

• Business skills: Many brokers are self-employed and manage their own business. This includes cold-calling and meeting potential clients, as well as managing your finances and marketing your services.
• Interpersonal abilities: Agents and brokers spend most of their time working with clients, so they must employ social skills in making conversation while being pleasant and enthusiastic.
• Organized: You will need to manage your time well by organizing, planning and prioritizing.
• Problem-solving: You must be able to address any concerns clients, whether buying or selling, have with a property, as well as handle contract negotiations.

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