Umd School Of Nursing Admissions Essay

UMSON fall 2016 hopefuls ?

by thenurseguy88
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  1. 0 Hello all , I am planning to apply to UMSON in the fall 2016 .. I haven't seen a thread yet for other hopefuls and potential candidates .. So I wanted to start one ..
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  3. Dec 26, '15 by sheriffnb5303
    Hey! I just applied for the Fall 2016 CNL program at UMD. I'm only worried my science pre-req GPA, which is a 2.75. I plan on retaking A&P I, which I got a C+ in. I will be taking Developmental Psych in the spring and Nutrition in the summer. The rest of my science pre-reqs are B's. My overall GPA is a 3.28. I'm currently a Senior at Mary Baldwin majoring in Psychology. I am also worried that their only focus will be on high GPA, like people between a 3.5-3.9 and not other factors, like the essay or letters of recommendation. Although I understand meeting the minimum GPA requirement is vital, there are some nurses who have GPAs like myself that can do a far better job than other nurses with higher GPAs in nursing school.
  4. Dec 26, '15 by thenurseguy88
    Hi , I want to apply for the traditional BSN program . I too have a science gpa of 2.75 with a B in ap1, B in micro , B in chem , and a C in ap2 so i don't know how that will affect me , I also need to retake my teas I got a horrible score the first time .. I'm nervous to apply because my friend just graduated from their BSN this month and when he was accepted he had a 3.9 gpa yikesssss my gpa is nowhere near that .. But I do have good letters of recommendation and I have great healthcare experience on my resume so I don't know what will work out in my favor or if it's worth applying . I won't have time to retake ap2 unless I do it in the summer because in the spring semester I have the electives to complete for UMD . So I'm just confused as to what to do
  5. Dec 26, '15 by sheriffnb5303
    I would still retake A&P Ii in the summer. Also let them know that you are retaking the course
  6. Dec 26, '15 by thenurseguy88
    Yes I am thinking about that . How did you do on teas , I took it before and bombed it because I didn't study properly ... What materials did you use to pass , If you've taken it ?
  7. Hello,,,
    I am also applying to UMSON for fall 2016. I have a GPA of 3.6 but am worried because I had a c in chemistry. Am taking my teas v next week and I very hopefully that I would be accepted irrespective.
  8. I heard that when you retake a class everything would be calculated towards your GPA. They do not replace your good grades even if you retake that class
  9. Dec 27, '15 by thenurseguy88
    I'm so terrified to apply to Maryland I feel like I'm wasting my time because my gpa isn't anywhere near yours ^ I may have a 3.1 or so cumulative . My friend had a 3.9 when they accepted him there two years ago . He just graduated this month with the BSN . So if they're looking for the perfect scholars that's not me .. So I still haven't decided if I will move forward or not but I want to because it'll be beneficial I live near campus
  10. Dec 27, '15 by sheriffnb5303
    I think that we should at least just give it a try. You never know what God may have in store for us. We could even get into the school! For now, let us continue to work hard to show the panel of people that we can become the "fit" that they need as nursing students for their institution. @Nanky my advice to you for the TEAS test is relax, don't get nervous. Continue to study but don't over study.
  11. Dec 27, '15 by thenurseguy88
    Thank you for your encouragement . I will give it a try but I need to do really well on teas to compensate for lower GPA . That test has been freakin me out I'm gonna take it mid January . I have the book from ATI I hear that's the best
  12. Dec 27, '15 by sheriffnb5303
    I understand, you will do fine. And that book is helpful for studying the TEAS. There are also practice tests online that you can use to help you study as well. You can even download the TEAS test app on your phone and that can help as well
  13. Hello all! I am waitlisted for Spring 2016 and it is looking like I won't be pulled off the wait list so I thought I'd join this thread for the fall since I'll be reapplying


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Tips for Getting into Nursing School

Given the nursing shortage, it’s unfortunate that nursing schools reject many eager prospective nurses each year. In 2007, nearly 31,000 qualified applicants were turned away due to a shortage of faculty and resources, according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

In Maryland, nursing schools are “bursting at the seams,” says Tracy Jamison, director of admissions at the University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore. At her school, the BSN program typically receives eight to nine applications for every one it can accept.

Even with this stiff competition, applicants can learn how to stand out with these tips from nursing school admissions officers:

High Schoolers: Performance and Passion

High school applicants need to demonstrate strong academic performance. Grade point average (GPA) is more important than class rank, the significance of which varies depending on a school’s class size. Holding a leadership position in a student organization, such as student government or band, makes a positive impression.

Some nursing schools also scrutinize attendance records. Too many tardies and absences raise a red flag. “We want students dedicated to coming here prepared to study,” says Ann Schiele, PhD, RN, president and dean of Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus, Ohio. “Nursing is a difficult curriculum built on the sciences.”

Mount Carmel admissions officers also look for prospective students to show altruism. “It’s part of our mission statement that every graduate must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service,” Schiele says. “We believe that every educated person should give back to the community they live in.”

Community-service experience, such as candy striping or volunteering at a nursing home, also demonstrates that you have some knowledge of healthcare and a passion for nursing. You can also convey that passion (and showcase your writing ability) when answering the application essay on why you’re interested in nursing.

Tip: Making positive, strong connections with your supervisor during volunteer work, especially in a healthcare setting, can yield a recommendation that carries more weight than one from a teacher.

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