Unisa Dissertations And Theses

College of Graduate Studies

When your master’s dissertation or doctoral thesis nears completion, the following must be borne in mind:

  • Notice of intention must be submitted to resexcoord@unisa.ac.za at least two months before actual submission for examination. Download the prescribed formfor this purpose

  • Prior to notifying the university of your intended submission you must consult with your supervisor to obtain permission for submission and to decide on the final correct wording, spelling and punctuation of the title
    • There is no closing date for submission but if submission takes place after 15 June, the successful student might only graduate in Autumn of the following year
    • if submission takes place after 15 November, the successful student might only graduate in Spring of the following year
    • if submission takes place after 31 January, the successful student will graduate in Spring.  If the January deadline is not met, you will have to re-register and pay full tuition fees. Kindly note that submission at this point without prior notification (2 months), will be deemed to be late submission resulting in compulsory re-registration
  • NB: due to the nature of research examination, no guarantees can be given even if the deadline is met.  Submission near to the closing dates will inevitably lead to delays in processing due to backlogs.
  • In order for your thesis to be distributed to the examiners you have to be a registered student
  • The Policy and Proceduresgoverning master’s and doctoral study in all its detail, should be consulted

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