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You see, I’ve always been open about sharing this template and since it doesn’t violate any of the principles of the university or the grading mechanisms, it’s completely fair game. You still have to demonstrate your own competency. And no, I WILL NOT provide you with a finished assignment as an example. This is a blank template, with nothing more than formatting, headings, and instructions (which you will replace with the content of your assignment).

This template just helps you get over the formatting issue. It showcases your answers to the rubric items in a way that benefits both you and the TaskStream grader. Look, they might ask for an essay, but this format will help the graders identify your answers and it’s designed to help you use the rubric to your advantage!

The Taskstream Template.

You can download my free WGU Taskstream Essay Template here. This link points to Google Docs, where you can download the document for free.

There is truly no cost, no newsletter to sign up for, just one alumni trying to help out a future one! Because that’s just the kind of person I am. But if you are interested in signing up for my newsletter, you should know that it’s all about my fiction writing and not filled with useful WGU tips and tricks like this one. Though, if there’s something you’re aching to know about the WGU experience, you can always ask and if I have the answer, I’ll be more than happy to share it with you.

Google Analytics tells me that this post is a fairly popular with other WGU students, too. So if I don’t know, maybe someone else might and they can chime in! That’s one thing you’ll find about WGU, your fellow students can be amazing resources. I can honestly tell you that I received a lot more help than I expected from other working adults who were also pursuing their degrees full-time on more than one occasion. And if there is one other bit of advice I could give you, I would recommend that you try to attend some of the mixers WGU puts on. That’s one thing I didn’t do until very late in the game and I wish I’d gone sooner!

If you found this post to be helpful, please consider sharing it with other students you know or even with your WGU mentor. This really is something I wish I had access to when I first started my program and I’m very confident that it can help many WGU students who may be struggling with the Taskstream grading system.

Wgu C228 Task 1 Essay

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C228 – Community Health Nursing – Task 1
Student’s Name
Western Governors University

Identification of Community
Nestled in Southern Indiana just west of Louisville, Kentucky and south of Indianapolis, Indiana is Dubois County, Indiana. Dubois County is comprised of the towns of Birdseye, Ferdinand, Holland, Huntingburg and Jasper. Of those towns, Jasper is the largest and is the county seat (Kelly School of Business, 2014). Over fifty-two percent of the population consists of adults ranging from 25-64 years of age (Kelly School of Business, 2014). The leading cause of mortality in this county is heart disease, cancer, suicide and injuries (Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center & Dubois County Health Department, 2011).…show more content…

Of these, the cultural demographics of 98% were white and 6.4% were Hispanic or Latino (United States Census Bureau, 2014). In 2011, Dubois County provided only 0.6% of the births in Indiana and 0.7% of the deaths (Kelly School of Business, 2014). The median household income was $54,168 and 7.9% were below poverty level wen the span of 2008-2012 was studied (United States Census Bureau, 2014). The rate of poverty among children in Dubois County was under 10% in 2010(Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center & Dubois County Health Department, 2011). A 7.5% unemployment rate in 2010 was seen as well as an increase in families receiving temporary assistance (Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center & Dubois County Health Department, 2011).
Neighborhood/Community Safety Inventory
Environmental safety hazards present in Dubois County range from air pollution, invasive animal species, climate, and resources. Air pollution is a byproduct of the manufacturing industry. The Particulate Matter measurement in 2010 was 27.2ug/m3 which contributes to the asthma and cancer rates in the community (Air Quality, 2012). Another environmental concern is the possible conversion of a coal-fired plant into an incinerator of biomass which also threatens to worsen the respiratory issues of the population (Healthy Dubois County, 2014). Invasive animal species of the county include the Emerald Ash Borer and Gypsy moth

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